Upisite Fakultet za sport i fizicko vaspitanjeFakultet posjeduje moderno opremljene sale


Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Niksic, Montenegro

Our Faculty enrols creative, skilful and healthy young people striving for a complete personal development, following the motto "Health and Knowledge". Physical education and sport represent a scientific area which falls within the scope of the most complex contemporary areas of research at the beginning of the third millennium. These areas of research appear to be complex because they focus their research on human beings - a very complex bio-psycho-social structures, whose physiological processes and psychological functioning modern science has not explored in their entirety. Even though modern science utilises high technology methods and tools, it is practically still at the beginning of understanding the complex structure called a human being. At our Faculty this particular cause will always be taken into account and will be the subject of our meticulous attention, with the aim of reaching the standards of highly developed countries. The Faculty is home to the Centre for Diagnostics in Sport, and contains a computer room, sports library, student club, amphitheatre, classrooms and modern studios.

Montenegrin Sports Academy - Crnogorska Sportska Akademija Informacioni sistem o istrazivackoj djelatnosti u Crnoj Gori Univerzitet Crne Gore MJSSM MBA2018 Sport Mont

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